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Airline industry has become the fastest growing travel industry in the world. With more budget and premium airlines expanding their routes and destination, the airline industry is rebelliously on the boom. Flying makes travel to faraway destinations more manageable, flying shortens the travel time to your destination and therefore you safe a lot of time.

Air travel shifts the work from you to the airline. The airline loads your luggage and gets you from your departure city to your destination city within no time. You sit back in your seat and can concentrate more on your productive hours rather than thinking of hassles of traffic, directions and pit stops. During inclement weather, you don't have to worry about driving a car on slippery roads or through heavy rain.

With advance purchase being made through online and offline system, a traveler can book flights, make provisional flight reservations or book discounted flights, up to 365 days in advance. This works excellently for travelers as they can plan their trips and avoid paying high costs for their tickets.

However, in recent years with increasing competition in industry, companies have come up with last minute deals or last minute discounts for travelers making flight reservations. Such customers can also book over the phone and get unpublished cheap tickets from travel agencies.

Things to be taken care
  • It’s important to make flight selections in agreement with your disposition.
  • When possible, avoid flight times that require your sleep, except if you are already accustomed to it
  • A 6am flight is likely to be challenging, yet, early flights are often necessary mostly for business travel
  • When choosing flights, consider whether you want or need a layover.
  • Paying more for a non-stop flight at an awkward time might actually be less stressful than a cheaper flight with a lengthy day of travel and a long layover.
  • Once you have your flights, proper seat selection is the next important choice you should make
  • Mostly Web Check-inn's are good options.
  • Carry less baggage while on short travels
  • Adequate neck support is crucial for comfort, so one should carry a neck pillow or a blow-up pillow
  • If you’re flying with an airline you’ve not used before, try and find out what they offer little ones in terms of food and entertainment.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a child who’ll sleep almost anywhere it might be a good idea to travel at night
  • Remember to carry passports - All children under 16 require their own passport - this includes newborns
  • Carry Tickets or order confirmation if it’s an e-ticket
  • Money, travelers cheque's and a debit/credit card
  • If travelling with pets, remember to get a carrier just big enough for them to sleep and turn around
  • Feed them lightly before you leave, you can put a little shredded cheese in their food to get them to eat 1 hour before leaving
  • If your pet is prone to car sickness, feed them ginger snaps two hours before leaving and repeat one hour into the trip.
  • Make sure your pet is micro chipped and wearing an collar ID
  • Check for resorts, motels, camp grounds which are pet friendly and that have a designated exercise area for them